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Iguana Baby Soft Cushion Pad Liner Neck Support Pillow For Car Seat Stroller
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=Infant Stroller Cushion Mat=
The Mat is a carefully constructed, ergonomic, protective mat designed to keep your baby insulated from the jolts and shakes endured when traveling. Mat can be used with virtually all:
- Car seats
- Strollers
- Baby Capsules
- High Chairs

SIZE: 81cm x 38cm

=Key features=
- Fully padded, ergonomic design
- This paragraph cotton pad large butterfly-type headrest, similar to the baby stereotypes pillow, baby more comfortable to use
- positive for high-quality cotton fabric, the back of the breathable mesh,soft and comfortable
- Unique shape that protects baby's head and other vital body parts
- Suitable for newborns up to 4 years of age
- The Mat was carefully crafted with love and is an essential accessory to ensure your baby stays safe and protected at all times, wherever you and your little one go.

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